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DanBred Rearing Capability

Five weekly batch production has its benefits but also has its challenges, not least, the use of foster sows to accommodate extra suckling in prolific sow herds.

An Elite customer based in East Yorkshire who uses a five weekly system has demonstrated the ability of the Danish LW/LR female to rear her piglets – on her own. 

Over a full 21 week breeding cycle the herd has weaned a fraction under 15 pigs per litter using no foster sows at all.  Incredibly there is no means of artificial rearing either, the sows and gilts do it all. 

The productivity continues to improve with the latest batch figures of:

Born Alive – 17.24

Pre-Weaning Mortality – 9.57%

Pigs/Weaned/Litter – 15.59

Weaning weight – 7kg

Litter Weight – 109kg

The performance is first and foremost down to the attention to detail of the producer but he is first to admit that the change to DanBred genetics from Elite has transformed his herd performance.