Newly Arrived the Eskebjerg Piétrain

New sire on the block

Elite Sires are proud to announce that the Eskebjerg Piétrain has arrived and is in production.

The Eskebjerg Piétrain follows in the footsteps of the DanBred Duroc which was first introduced to the UK in 2014 by Elite Sires and is expected to have a similar impact on the market.  The introduction follows an extensive search carried out by Elite Sires to find an animal that can live up to the high standards set by the Danish Duroc. The Eskebjerg Piétrain has the potential to do this and offers producers a real alternative option.

The Piétrain originated in the 1920s in the village of Piétrain, Belgium by crossbreeding a Landrace with other breeds to produce the Breed.  It has now become a very successful terminal sire across the world.