About us

Who are we and what do we do?

Elite Sires (GB) Ltd is an independent UK owned pig genetic business committed to sourcing and supplying the finest pig genetics to professional producers. Our core activity is to produce and supply high quality boar semen for artificial insemination.


The headquarters are based in York. The stud facilities are located in East Yorkshire which is well known for its history of pig production and is therefore ideally situated for local producers. However the stud supplies semen to producers across the country including Scotland on a weekly basis using courier delivery service.


We have the highest level of Biosecurity with no visitors permitted into the stud. Everyone attending the stud must shower and change clothes before entry to the farm.
Elite Sires only introduces animals of the highest possible health status and is proud of our negativity of disease. It is of paramount importance that we maintain this, not for ourselves but our customers.


The focus of Elite Sires is our customers – you are the reason we do what we do.


The story of Elite Sires (GB) Ltd started back in 2013

At that time it was very apparent that the productivity of the UK pig herd was falling behind the key players across Europe, particularly Denmark.

It was clear that genetics were at the core of this differential and the concept of a totally independent AI business was conceived by the team at Elite Sires

A vision of the future – created by pig professionals for pig professionals

Our goal was to establish an AI business with the ability to source and supply world leading genetic lines to elevate production levels of the UK producer to match that being achieved elsewhere in Europe.

Established in 2014, Elite Sires sourced and introduced DanBred Genetics by firstly supplying the Danish Duroc terminal sire, setting a new benchmark in growing and finishing pig performance.  This was soon followed by the DanBred dam lines, well known for their breeding potential.

Initially all semen was supplied by our DanBred partners until our first 40 boars were introduced to our stud facilities in 2015.   Increased boar capacity was achieved in early 2016 with the acquisition of our flagship stud based on the East Yorkshire Coast.

Elite Sires, together with its partners, has raised the bar of UK pig production

Mission, Vision & Core Values


Our mission is to produce the finest quality semen meeting all the requirements of our customer needs


To actively source the worlds best genetics on an ongoing basis for our customers

Core Values

  • Welfare – All animals are housed and cared for with their welfare being at the forefront of our minds.  This approach results in happy, friendly and very productive boars.
  • Customer Focus – “Customer First” and a “can do” attitude
  • Professionalism – We have pride in the standards we set ourselves through our professionalism at every step of the process
  • Transparency – Nothing to hide approach and honesty are a cornerstone of the company ethos

Our partnership with our customers is paramount

The most important aspect of what we do is that you as the customer will be satisfied with the products you buy from us.

We are confident that we can deliver exactly the product you want and more importantly need but our partnership and working together is very, very important to us and we hope you too.  We are proud to supply our customers and have pride that you as a customer have the confidence in us to supply you with your genetic requirements.

Our production

Stud Facilities

  • Straw bedded accommodation
  • High welfare
  • Red Tractor approved
  • EU Approved

Biosecurity and Health Monitoring

Uniquely, Elite Sires shares with our customers and the veterinary profession the results weekly PRRS monitoring and quarterly veterinary health declarations.

  • Strict biosecurity for all persons entering the stud
  • All supplying farms operate to the highest Danish health standards and are free from the important economic diseases.
  • Weekly veterinary inspection
  • Weekly PRRS monitoring
  • Quarterly blood testing
  • Pre-Entry
    1. All boars are firstly introduced to our purpose built isolation facility in a remote area of North Yorkshire
    2. Following a period of isolation they undergo blood tests after which they enter a minimum of a 30 day quarantine period. A second series of blood testing and further health screening gives them the green light to enter the stud system

Collection and Processing

  • Hygienic collection to eliminate bacterial contamination
  • Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)
    • Every individual collection is evaluated using the state of the art IVOS II CASA system
    • At the time of collection every individual collection is evaluated for:
      • Motility
      • Viability
      • Morphological abnormalities
    • The above are repeated before dispatch on the finished batch of product be that an individual boar or a pooled batch
    • Retained samples are retained for the same evaluation at expiry


  • All doses are supplied in flat packs
  • All packs are clearly labelled showing:
    • Breed
    • Batch or boar ID
    • Expiry Date


Delivery can be made to all parts of the UK via our van courier service or the postal service.  Only the very best insulated thermal packaging is used throughout the delivery system to ensure a stable temperature from dispatch to arrival.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the very heart of what we do.  To achieve the quality standard required we do the following:

  • Work to an exacting set of standard operating procedures at every stage from animal husbandry to dispatch and delivery.
  • Rigorous self assessments and audits of all procedures and amend where needed.
  • External auditing and monitoring.
  • Fully audited member of the AHDB AI Standard.


Most importantly we listen to our customers